Release: v0.7.0


This release comes with a lot a small improvements to the core library.

Merge datastructures

Merging maps or nested data structures is a common problem in programming. The new functions merge-with and deep-merge solve these problems in Phel.

The first function merge-with takes a two-arity function f and a unlimited number of hash maps. It will merge these hash maps as in merge but in case two maps have the same key it will call f with the left and the right value. Example:

(merge-with + {:a 1 :b 2} {:b 3 :c 4}) # Evaluates to {:a 1 :b 5 :c 4}

The second function deep-merge will recursively merge nested data structures. Hash maps will be merged as in merge, vectors will be concatenated and sets will be united. Example:

(deep-merge {:a {:b {:c [:d]}}} {:a {:b {:c [:e] :f :g}}} # Evaluates to {:a {:b {:c [:d :e] :f :g}}}

Improved phel\http namespace

The namespace phel\http go a little facelift:

  • The function http/uri-from-string was added. This lets you create a URI struct from a string
  • The function http/response-from-map was added. This function create a response struct from a hash map.
  • The function http/response-from-string was added. This function creates a response from a string function.
  • The request struct got a new additional field: attributes. This field can be used store custom data to enrich a request.
  • The function http/request-from-map was added. This function create a request struct from a hash map.

Read, eval and compile

The core library has now some additional function to call parts of the compiler directly in your code.

First, the read-string function will parse a string and return a Phel expression.

(read-string "(+ 1 1)") # Evaluates to '(+ 1 1)

Second, the eval function let's you evaluate a Phel expression:

(eval '(+ 1 1)) # Evaluates to 2

Finally, the compile function returns the compiled PHP code for a give Phel expression:

(compile '(+ 1 1)) # Evaluates to "(1 + 1);"

Other changes

A few other changes and bug fixes have been done in this version. For a full list of changes have a look at the Changelog.