Release: v0.9.0


This release adds new config parameters and improve the compiling performance.


You can use the ApiFacade from your PHP project to get all phel functions. For example, this is used to render the API page:

New doc command

$ php phel doc --help
  Display the docs for any/all phel functions.

  doc [options] [--] [<search>]

  search        Search input that look for a similar function name [default: ""]

      --ns      Specify which namespaces to load. [optional]

New config parameters


This key accept a list of file-names/patterns which will be ignore at building time.

You might have a src/local.phel file for your local testing/ideas, and so you want to keep it out of the building process.


This key, 'keep-generated-temp-files' will decide if you want to remove or keep the generated files (default: false).

Every time we run any phel command (like run, test, doc, etc...), this generates temporal files (with the executable PHP code), which later get required and run inside the PHP interpreter.

However, these files are useless after the execution, and running another command will generate a bunch of new files again. The temporal files will get removed at some point, but these files are not needed at all by default; although, this could be useful for debugging.

Other improvements

  • Rename command phel compile to phel build
  • Allow underscores in decimal numbers

Full list

For a full list of changes have a look at the Changelog.